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Prostate Play: All About the P-Spot

Prostate Play: All About the P-Spot

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This class is held at the Bondesque store at 707 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408.

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Course Description: Many are curious about prostate play and there seems to be a lot of mystery around it, including how to do it “right." There are lots of concerns about the human body locating the best pleasurable playground right by or in a sewer system. Let’s explore how prostate play can be a very pleasurable thing and how you can “get into” it and explore this wonderful pleasure center without experiencing the stress people often have at first.

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Swindl comes to the BDSM world with over 20 years of personal experience with interests in bondage that stretch back to his childhood years. He believes in having fun with play first and foremost, even if his definition of ‘fun’ might not fit the norm. Swindl started tying up the neighbor boys as a kid, and honed his skills as an adult traveling around the globe. He has taught other classes in the kink world such as a hands-on rope workshop and an intro to electro stimulation. His interests go beyond CBT to include electro, bondage, flogging, and a whole host of other S&M activities. He’s continually learning and enjoys sharing his knowledge with people whether it be over a scotch or in a more personal setting. 

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