Mindspace & Aftercare Workshop

Mindspace & Aftercare Workshop

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Required Prerequisite: BDSM for Beginners Workshop or equivalent experience 

Transcend beyond the physical aspects of kink to explore a whole new level of experience and play. Sir Markus will teach techniques and tips on how to connect with your submissive and navigate deeper levels of subspace. The workshop will also cover how to provide appropriate aftercare. This class is intended for both Dominants and submissives and can be taken solo or with your partner.

Primary topics covered include: 

  • The importance of aftercare 
  • Definition and discussion of Mindspace and subspace 
  • Techniques for connecting with your sub at an energetic level 
  • Exploring deeper levels of mindspace and how to lead your sub through transitions 
  • How to stay connected with your sub as they drop deeper into subspace 
  • Advanced activities that can only be explored through a strong connection and awareness of each other

Sir Markus has been an active lifestyle Dominant for over 25 years. His journey as a Dominant started with an 18 month apprenticeship under an elder Dom in the San Francisco BDSM community. Over the last 15 years he has served as an instructor in San Francisco and Seattle, in addition to formally training over 30 submissives, slaves, apprentice Doms, and D/s couples through individual training contracts.

In his own words: “I would not be the Dominant I am today without the willingness of my elders to share their wisdom and experience when I started my journey and in the best spirit of “pay it forward” I have a strong passion for passing on whatever knowledge I have gained to those seeking to grow or better themselves now.”

Shopping: Participants will receive 20% off all items on sale at the workshop. The studio will remain open until 9:00pm to allow participants time for shopping and open practice.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket sales are final and tickets are non-transferable. This workshop is 18+.