D/S Dynamics

D/S Dynamics

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In this workshop, W/we will explore common relationship dynamics and how they play out in D/s and why "slow leather" is an important approach to creating sustainable kink relationships (with or without D/s). W/we will learn to discern between abusive/ co-dependent relationship dynamics and Power Exchange dynamics.

W/we will learn some basic techniques to help cultivate healthy Power Exchange for short term scenes as well as LTR and explore various ways to build trust that goes both ways.

Come with a partner, a group, or by yourself! No matter how you identify, this workshop will help you to improve all your relationships inside and outside the world of kink!

Instructor: For more information about the instructor, visit Sweet LillyBee.   

Shopping: Participants will receive 20% off all items on sale at the workshop. The studio will remain open until 9:00pm to allow participants time for shopping and open practice.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket sales are final and tickets are non-transferable. This workshop is 18+.