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Sensory Deprivation & Breath Play Workshop

Sensory Deprivation & Breath Play Workshop

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The Sensory Deprivation & Breath Play workshop will teach you many facets of experimenting with the senses. Depriving your partner of their sight, hearing, voice, touch, and controlling their availability of air is extremely powerful, both physically and psychologically. Mistress Jean Bardot is a professional dominatrix with decades of experience.  In this workshop, she will demonstrate how to erotically and safely play with blindfolds, hoods, body bags, gags, ear plugs, headphones and other materials and restraints for limiting your sub’s connection to the outside world. She will also teach you how to how to psychologically entice, tease, and torture your sub while you have them under your control.

Mistress Jean Bardot is a renowned professional dominatrix and fetish model who regularly performs and appears at events around the globe. Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of BDSM disciplines.  For more information visit

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